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Outing & Handicap Rules

The RHGC outing and handicap rules have been reviewed for 2016. The changes take into consideration all the feedback from members and are aligned with the clubs objectives of increasing attendance, improving pace of play and providing competive and enjoyable medal competitions for all of our members.


Click link button below for full outing and handicap rules.




A summary of the key points are as follows:



New outing rule regarding lost ball and provisional shots. Please see full rules for explanation. This should help keep the games competitive for all and also help with pace of play.



The handicap of any member who has not played in two outings in the last two seasons shall lapse and rules under ‘H1 New Handicaps’ will apply. This means that anyone who has not attended, for whatever reason, in the last two years can obtain a new handicap based on their national (minus 2 strokes) or play one round to obtain a new handicap.



  • Winners will be cut TWO (2) strokes

  • Runner-up will be cut ONE (1) strokes

  • Standard Scratch Score (SSS) is set by golfer finishing third place

  • Maximum ONE (1) stroke cut if score is less than buffered SSS

  • ONE (1) handicap X removed for runner-up

  • Handicap X’s reset to ZERO (0) for medal winner

  • No handicap X added or removed for third place (SSS)

  • ONE (1) handicap X added for all players scoring over the SSS

  • The winner of the Hole and Hole Competition will be cut ONE (1)


See full rules for working example.



Handicaps will be reviewed by the Handicap Convener when a member has played in FIVE (5) medal competitions without winning a cash prize (An ‘X’ is marked against each member when they participate in a medal competition. When 5 X’s are reached your handicap will be reviewed and your X’s reset to zero). The Handicap Convener will take into account the scores of the individual member in assessing any change to that member’s handicap.


The Handicap Convener has discretion to review any handicap at any time. If you feel your handicap is not appropriate, for whatever reason, and would like it reviewed before the season begins, please contact The Handicap Convener (handic[email protected]).


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